Counseling Resources

The LifeChurch Southfield Counseling ministry serves to fulfill our vision, which is to Know Christ, Grow in community and Go serve those in need. We effectively achieve our mandate to “go” by serving our church community through our counseling ministry.

We offer professional mental health therapy and career counseling free of charge to our members. Our Counseling Team currently consists of five counselors who are all members of LifeChurch; two are ordained ministers, four hold professional counseling licenses, and one holds a doctorate in Educational Counseling.

Counseling Available

We are currently able to offer counseling services in the following areas:

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For more information, please contact our Director of Counseling services.

• Depression therapy
• Grief
• Anxiety
• Self-Esteem
• Stress
• Individual (general)

• Family
• Children
• Premarital
• Marriage
• Diagnostic
• Career

Elreta Dodds, LPC, LMSW