LifeGroups are the central part of our “GROW” initiative in our LifeChurch vision of Know, Grow, Go. We meet during the week to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ, and to cultivate relationships with one another. LifeGroups are a place to talk about real life issues – whether it be issues of faith to issues that impact everyday living. We have groups for everyone – so if you’re a new Christian, a life-long Christian, or if you are simply searching to know if God is real, you can find a place to belong.

LifeGroups Available

Among the many different LifeGroups available, we are confident there’s a group that will be right for you. Want to learn more and get connected?  Contact our Care Pastor, Josh Meriweather, at to get started.

• Grow (Bible study)
• Grace (Life Application)
• Evangelism
• Grief Support
• Apologetics
• Purity

• LifeMen
• LifeWomen
• LifeSingles
• LifeMarrieds
• LifeStudents